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Thread: Need info for a friend for states of Washington, Oregon, & Colorado

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    Need info for a friend for states of Washington, Oregon, & Colorado

    They are thinking about relocating from Wisconsin and they need some information in regards to a good Children's hospital that has specialty in ortho because of their daughter's VEPTR and many other medical conditions. she would like to know about services covering medical supplies such as catheters, diapers, wheelchair, etc. Plus if she herself the mom could be the caretaker and be paid by the state such as like California's IHSS. If anyone knows how things work for Washington state, Oregon, and Colorado, it'll be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

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    I can provide some insight on Colorado. Children's Hospital in Denver, with satellite facilities around the state, is supposed to be an amazing hospital; I have no personal experience but my friends who do all love it. Services and DME coverage are dependent on insurance, if their daughter can get on a Medicaid waiver she should be able to get everything she needs. Family members can provide care under some waivers and service deliveries here, but can't on others. We recently implemented Medicaid buy-in programs for both adults and children with disabilities which should make qualifying for Medicaid easier. We are actively working on simplifying our long-term services and supports under Colorado Medicaid, I can assure you though it will expand not reduce available services. Hope that helps them some.

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