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Thread: Wanted 26 inch Wheels

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    Wanted 26 inch Wheels

    Im looking to get some 26 0r 7000cc Wheels must be 6 spoke new style spinergys or Sun Rims Or? I have 2 sets of 24 and one set of old style 24 inch spinergys If intrested Ill send pics.
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    I am not sure but I do not think Spinergies will come with a 12 spoke option on the 590 wheels. I thought I read that somewhere...
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    Try Mike Box Designs, He has the newest Spinergys for the best price.
    Here is his Facebook link:

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    I just bought a chair ordered with 26" Spinergy LX. It WAS delivered SLX and am told the 26" is the reason for the change. I was not told during quoting. It was just delivered that way. Wheeliecoack is exactly what I am saying.
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