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Thread: e-motion wheels help!

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    e-motion wheels help!

    I just got a new chair (tilite aero z) with e-motion wheels. I love it BUT have a really hard time getting the e-motion wheels off of the frame to collapse the chair and get it in my car. By really hard time, I mean I can't get them off by myself. I'm a sort-of-walking quad with one functioning hand. For those of you who have, or have used e-motion wheels, are there any tips or tricks for getting these damn wheels off? Putting the chair together is not a problem.


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    I tried only once and found it difficult with 2 hands but for me it was easier before folding the chair. Did you try before or after folding?

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    Before folding it.

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    I haven't been able to get mine off, but I have a minivan with ramp so not an issue. The DME showed me his trick...prop up chair by putting anti-tipper on top of shoe...supposed to make it easier to to remove the wheel since the wheel is up off the ground.

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    They are very tough to deal with, not just you. It really is impractical to consider using them on a daily basis with removing them and loading and unloading a wheelchair from a vehicle, you're bound to do more damage to your shoulders than you are saving them by using the e-motions. So either get a van or minivan with a lift or a ramp or just use the wheels only when your really need them when you know you have to wheel long distances. These wheels are very heavy and hard to manage, you could even injure yourself trying to lift them in and out of a back seat or what not. I had a friend that torn a tendon in his shoulder and it side lined him for a few months from a injury just lifting these wheels. I mainly use mine either around the neihborhood or if I go to a place like Disney when I know I'll have to do a lot of wheeling and to to get help putting them off and taking them off and I'm a strong para.
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