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Thread: question for the mechanic

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    question for the mechanic

    I'm a T4 and used to be very mechanical and loved to build or work on things. I'm rebuilding a motor and find it very hard trying to keep my chair clean while working? It becomes a pain cleaning my hands every time I want to move the chair.
    I tried gloves but again taking them off and on every time I need to move or need a new tool is a pain. I also worry about tracking in dirt, grease, and other things from the garage on my wheels.

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    I'm also a t4 and I do a lot of dirty things.
    Your shit's just gonna get dirty. That's the way it is. There's a balance you'll have to find - and I'm on the dirtier side. I've accepted a certain level if unclenliness around my home and on my clothes because it's easier than working to keep everything clean all the time. I get under my car, build stuff out of wood, cut and grind metals, etc. and usually leave evidence of it all over the place.

    I do clean and vaccum after I work; keep a few rags around to wipe your hands, and a hand vac around to suck up debris. But like I said you'll have to find your own balance of how clean you want to be vs. how much work effort you're willing to put in to achieve that. If you're really concerned about tracking stuff around your home you could get an extra set of wheels or pick up a cheap chair on craigslist to use as a work chair.

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    I work on a lot of different things, here are a few things that I do:

    Put a large rag on my lap to keep dirt from going on my pants and on my cushion. It also help to keep it off the sides of the chair, feet, and brakes. An old cut up sweat shirt works great.

    I don't always use the medical gloves that come in my intermittent cath kits. So I save them for shop work. They are easy on and off plus the price is right (free). If I get called in for dinner I just tear them off and have clean hands plus clean push rims on the chair wheels. If I'm working with glue, no problem, use a pair and since they are plentiful just put a new pair on right away.

    I have (and use!) shop clothes, it's just old stuff that is worn out but they work great to keep decent clothes clean. An extra layer is nice if I have to work on the floor (always cold!).

    I think ahead a set out the tools I should need so I don't have to move if my hands/gloves are dirty. I can also move along my workbench without touching my wheels. Or if I'm wearing my good mechanic gloves I just grab a small rag and hold that while I move so the dirty glove isn't on the chair.

    I keep a small hand broom by my vice, drill, saw, etc. It works well to sweep any saw dust or metal off myself or in my path. On the floor I sweep it back toward the wall and vacuum it up later just so it's not in my wheels path. Steel is especially important to sweet aside (tire puncture).

    Any motor pix? Here's the last one I worked on:


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    There are things you can do. Surgical gloves cost about $20 for a 100 per box at auto parts stores. Those are the good ones. Cheap ones are much less. The big thing is to just get a garage/shop chair only chair. Craigslist is choked with used chairs and they are not a fast moving item. Low ball anything useable. Besides some of these come with great extras.

    My house chairs stay inside and my outside chairs stay out of the house.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    Thanks I have no problem with wearing gloves the problem is that the gloves get oily and I need to move the chair take gloves off move chair new gloves etc etc etc. I also wondered about grinding, welding, and cutting steel I wonder about ruining my roho or puncturing a tire.

    I am a clean freak and my friends would tease me about how surgically clean my garage is so thats another issue LOL

    Soulscream nice motor. Last car motor I built was a 289 Hipo. I have been more into Motorcycle engines. Here is my last build before my accident. Same bike that tried to kill me. Ha!!

    I'm working on a friends jet ski that he seized the motor. Its my first attempt at doing anything mechanical since my injury. Plus its in my new house so still working out logistics with everything.

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    I use an old chair. I wear a mechanics apron if I'm staying in the chair, wipe my hands, stuff in pockets. I have a scrub brush by the door to run around my wheels if I have gone in the garage in my regular chair. A rag with some mineral spirits get the grease off the hand rims, wheels, casters. Air gun blows chips, dirt. You will burn up the roho, jell cushions, welding. Get some foam. I don't even use chairs with carbon spokes, cause I'm worried, welding, brake clean, grinding with set them on fire. I bought a whole cow hide. I've made cushion covers out of it. I use a big junk like a poncho to weld. Easy on, off and covers most stuff. I cut the bottom off my welding helmet off so I can bend my head down without pushing the helmet up. I have a 4x8 sheet of plywood for a work bend, set so my knees just fit under it.

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    I like the lines of your killer bike. The CL garage only chair I was talking about shouldn't cost over 2 hundred. I grind and cut and don't worry. Welding is another issue. Off hand it seems like it would require some sort of a cumbersome blanket.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    I know someone who normally uses a manual chair, use a power chair in the garage when he is working on stuff. Allows him to have one hand free for doing whatever when moving around. He got the chair cheap on Craigslist. Also, like others have said, cover your lap or else it will get full of crap. A apron would work great.
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    I didn't even check to see if you are able to walk at all, but Personally I welses up some hand rails in my garage that give me something to old onto. I also have various ropes hanging from the overhead that allow me to get from place to place. and the second wheelchair is a good idea too but solid tires are a good idea so you don;t get flats. Otherwise the same practices you would use as an AB like rags, gloves coveralls etc will all help to keep it clean.

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    Thanks. No I can't walk plus I have no core muscles so its a real bitch using one hand to hold my body and one to wrench.

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