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Thread: Help finding a facility for inpatient rehab

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    Help finding a facility for inpatient rehab

    I am new to this but I didnt know where else to look. I have been rigorously looking for a new facility from the skilled nursing facility I am at. My injury was a year ago and I am a T3 paraplegic. Currently I suffer from two pressure ulcers and can not do a lot for myself because I dont know how. My left arm is still recovering from injuries during the accident and a brachial plexis surgery in April. So much of my progress hasnt been easily earned. Any info on where I could go or look at would be helpful.

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    Where are you located (country, state, city)?? A complete profile helps a lot.

    Did you ever go through an acute SCI inpatient rehab program previously?

    How old are you?

    What insurance do you have available??

    If you are looking for an acute SCI specialty rehabilitation program, it is likely that you will need to get your pressure ulcers treated and healed first before you would be a candidate for such a program. How severe are your pressure ulcers? Where are they? Have you seen a wound care specialist (RN or MD)? A plastic surgeon? How is your nutrition? Your pre-albumin levels? CRP? Have you had tests for osteomyelitis?? Are you sitting? What type of bed are you on?

    Are you a military veteran in the USA?

    A couple of good places to start looking for specialty SCI rehab program are:

    Model System SCI Centers:

    CARF accredited Spinal Cord Systems of Care:

    and, for VA SCI Centers:

    Please come back and share more with us. We can help.


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