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Thread: Ipod transfer to Ipad Mini

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    Ipod transfer to Ipad Mini

    I have an ipod with music and apps on it, got a new ipad mini downloaded a bunch of apps on there anyway to sync them so everything is on my new ipad mini without loosing anything....

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    Did I not say DRM sucks

    My daughter has this very problem. Meant to go via iTunes. She trashed her account and new one has empty iTunes. She tried backup first to new iTunes and it failed. Sync wiped the backed up device.

    DRM sucks.

    There is a USB gender bender for iPad. Intended for digital cameras, but works with USB keyboard. Have not tried connecting 2 iDevices!

    Could try backing purchased apps to iCloud, but my wife's iCloud broken on her iPhone after update.

    DRM sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zagam View Post
    ...DRM sucks.
    I always buy the CD unless there are only 1 or 2 songs I want.

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