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Thread: laptop/iPad table on wheels

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    laptop/iPad table on wheels

    I'm looking for a specific laptop/iPad table on wheels that may have been shown on CC, but was advertised in New Mobility in the recent past.
    It was a sturdy looking, small surface table (maybe something like 14" x 10" or 14"), on an adjustable height post, with wheels so that one could place it close to wheelchair to use the device, eat a meal, etc., then easily move it out of the way.
    I wish I had saved the ad from NM! Recently got an iPad and difficult to use on my lap.
    Thanks for any suggestions where to find this item.

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    check out anthroCarts
    they are a bit pricey, but will last forever, mine is about 20 years old.

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    Thanks...they are very nice but I'd like to get something with just a small table. Will also check out Drive Medical.

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    Could you use a hospital bed table. Many on ebay.
    C 5/6 Comp.
    No Tri's or hand function.

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    Here are a few I found.

    There are a lot of pictures of different types of wheeled, adjustable laptop tables at this site. Maybe you'll find one similar to what you saw in New Mobility.

    Alternatively, try contacting New Mobility and ask them about an advertiser in their magazine who placed the ad about the table.

    Here is a thread on Care Cure with a picture of a table.

    All the best,

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    Thanks for all the suggestions! One of them, Premier Comfort EZ Tray, is the one I remembered from New Mobility but I didn't recall that it clamped onto the chair. That feature could make it useful for quickly moving around with tablet computer or even when doing meal prep. Pricey but may have many uses.

    I am humbled that Care Cure folks are so knowledgeable, and thanks again.

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    Brookstone makes one also.
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    Watch power consumption. An iPad uses a lot less than an x86. You just need good (efficient and very little stand by power) converter of battery power down to DC 5 V for USB. A PeeCee laptop will kill battery.

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