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Thread: Trip to Florida Keys

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    Trip to Florida Keys


    Travelling from Ft Myers to Miami, then the keys later this month.

    Need advice for Miami for things to do, and the keys for things to do and places to stay...

    Seems to be most places to stay have a 30 day or 7 day minimum stay... Anyone know of any nightly or perhaps 3 night rentals?

    Think we will have a boat also, so any cool destinations on the water would be great!

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    What do you like will determine what to do. Bayside is cool there's tons of lil tour boat excursions that take you up and down the inter-coastal theres a jet boat tour also shopping . aa arena has miami heat games, bbt arena has florida panthers hockey. you can take the people mover its like the monorail at disney around downtown miami to see the area good and bad ..... theres lincoln rd social and shopping area. theres bal harbour high end shopping dining area. theres beachs, south beach collins ave ..... there a cirque-du-soleil show the next two weeks at sun life stadium callled totem ....

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    Florida Keys

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    Several years ago we stayed at a small, family-friendly place, the Kon Tiki in Islamorada :

    I can't remember what level of access our ground floor cottage had ( I think there was one step up) you'll need to inquire specifically about the various rooms, they were all different, ours had a screened front porch with a nice view of the bay.
    We took 3 kids, a kayak and an 18 ft. boat with us and it was an ideal place to stay--the KonTiki is on the calm bayside and has a dock, small heated pool, and a variety of rooms, many on the ground floor. On tripadvisor there've been some recent complaints about management; if you call them about access you can determine whether they'll be helpful or not. As I recall, the Kon Tiki was near a large fishing outfitters store, World Wide Sportsman: with an indoor/outdoor waterfront restaurant featuring live island-style music. Have a great trip!
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    Many smaller hotels will have a 3 day minimum in the Keys, and if over the weekend the same for Maimi -- if you give a little more detail of where you will be going in the city of Miami and which Key I can advise further.....
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    Marina Del Mar in Key Largo is nice. Very accessible.


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    About 20 years ago me and my old lady stayed at the Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada. It was very accessible but not a lot to do there. We took a boat ride from the dock that was fun. The hotel was rather expensive also as I recall. The restaurant was exceptional.

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    All food is good in the Keys!

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    I live in Fort Myers so let me know if I can help while you are here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swh2007 View Post
    I live in Fort Myers so let me know if I can help while you are here.
    Hi I live in frigid Mn Trying to plan a trip to Southwest Florida next spring Feb/or march 2015. I have spent several days trying to find a place to stay. Would like accessible house or condo something bigger than a hotel room. Do you know of any websites or some info as frustration is starting to set in. Access for me means roll-in shower and access under bathroom sink anything else is a plus. Any help from anyone is appreciated.

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