You know, I signed up to this step family forum and for some reason I just knew it wasnt gonna go well. Maybe it was the weird registering process that got me worried. Really it was easy, make a password and give 'em an email, but i reckon I waited a good 3 to 4 days to receive an email with a registration sticky etc.

I thought, could they possibly be hacking inot my computer to see my usage habits and then they might just reject me?. I mean you can register yourself in a thousand forums and receieve a confirmation email within, sometimes, seconds.

I was having reservations. Then i did indeed get a confirmation email 4 days later and i was in.

I left it for a good couple of days, actually thinking I might just delete the account and forget it, but i decided to post the story of my wife's custody battle and our ongoing agonizing over her ex husbands continual crappy parenting and poor visitation record. I won't go into it here, suffice to say the man in an A Grade Cretin and all round Total Cunt.

Anyway, I poured my heart out. It's been a good 3 years since we've really had any trouble from him, he now accepts that even though I'm in a wheelchair I'm frightening enough to not to trifled with. I've had my anger issues and they've prevented me from writting anything sensible about the subject. But I was ready and gave a good, not too revealing, account of the whole thing. I did not reveal anything to the forum about my Beckar's MD. I felt if people where nice I'd reveal that fact need to now

Mostly people were great about it and one guy actually told me he was in awe of how we dealt with it. And nearly everyone said that the kids were lucky to have me as such a good step dad. i was really happy and felt a great weight had been lifted and learnt that a lot of people are in the same boat as us.

I had ONE barb, or sting in the tail at the end of my posting though. I made the stipulation that if i copped abuse for it "those who dont like it can go fuck themselves". Now, if you've been through any kind of divorce or your significant other has you know how people can get, they can get angry and project their own issues onto yours. In step families, stuff like that is VERY common. I had my wife look over my posting and she was so happy I'd gotten things down so acurately she almost cried.

I had a number of other members, all women, absolutley rip on me for adding the little barb..."how dare you make a warning like that, this is a safe site" etc. etc.

I shot back with humour and said that the very subject of the thread is within the "Venting Forum" a forum where lots of foul language is used to just let people have a real discussion about what pisses them off about their situations.

Still, I got hammered, I of course made it worse suggesting I really didnt need any advice and I suggested one member just take a step back and have a look at whom was really copping all the abuse, me.

I then got an email from admin asking if id like the replies stopped and the other more experienced members should just calm down and let newies express themselves how they see fit.

Then bang two more messages from members saying i was out of order etc. I was pissed by then and dropped the hammer on one persistant haranger by suggesting she was full of shit and to just leave me alone. I then copped a huge flaming from this other woman who must have been a part of the admin that disagreed with the main admin, she must have been part of admin because i found myself booted for good.

Fuck them I say, I actually think my posting was so succinct and threw such a hard light onto the actual day to day lives of step families they felt threatened by it and me. doubly so because, for once, it was a man who pouring his heart out in such an honest way.

You know, this site is was an Australia only site I truely believe that if it had have been a US site there would be no way i'd cop that level of abuse at exersizing my right to free speech.

care cure is my sanctuary, people say all sorts in here and everyone supports one another. the situations most of us have to deal with daily would have the jerks I wrote about above in a jibbering mess.