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Thread: Has anyone started an online retail business?

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    Has anyone started an online retail business?

    I'm seriously considering starting an online store with drop shipping so I can work from home.

    The learning curve is a little steep though. Any advice?

    Amazon has an affiliate program that looks like a good starting place with little risk. Of course, low risk means low rewards. You receive a 7% commission on items sold so a huge volume would be necessary.

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    I'm part of Amazon's affiliate program. You're right, it's not lucrative enough to do much with unless you have a site with a lot of traffic.

    First tip: find a niche.

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    There is a bunch of companies that have affiliate programs. I earn from ebay, amazon and from an "adult" site(sextoys,etc)Its not much. The sextoy site is 25%, which is really good for affiliate commision.
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    Has anyone used Shopify to create an online store?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broken Doll View Post
    Has anyone used Shopify to create an online store?
    Haven't used that one, take a look at it's open source = free. Fairly easy setup too. And have a look at for affiliates. I use both.

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