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Thread: Manual chair for quad wanted

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    Manual chair for quad wanted

    Im a C4-C5 quad injured 11/11/11. Since then i have been in a powerchair, and i hate it!!! I had to use it b/c in the begining i had no use of my right arm. Even though its still relatively weaker than my left, I've strengthened it alot. i was still able to propel myself in a rugby chair really slow but steady. I always wanted a manual chair but doubted my ability to push myself until now. I also researched propel assisted wheels called "Wijits" which could help me be more independent. I have a friend whos' had a tendon transfer to triceps and now can transfer himself, play rugby, an is now in college. I REALLY want to put myself in the position to be completely independent. Since im only a yr into my injury an my insurance wont pay for a manual chair b/c the will only replace it every 5yrs an i cnt afford to buy one, i was wondering if anyone has an old chair that you would be willing to donate or sale I'd REALLY appreciate it. If so please contact me at
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    got hurt on 3/17/90 and i could barely push b/c i had no return in my wrist and very little strength in my shoulders but i pushed as much as i could and as often as i could and i got involved in quad rugby a year post injury and the practice was the best therapy ever.

    i am a .5 in rugby and the only thing i cant do is a bowel program but i dress myself and i drive a car so there is alot you can do but it takes time and determination.

    nothing came easy and with practice everything got easier and faster.

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    C4-C5-C6, this will be year 43, never been in a power chair. I have rubber syrgical tubing wrapped around the push rims and use my palms for pushing. My chair weighs 35 pounds and it keeps me in shape. The strength and determination didn't happen over night, I'm glad I stuck with it. Do the best you can and you'll find yourself wanting to do more. Good luck!
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    Thanks, i appreciate the motivation. Also would anyone like to share your story about how you got hurt, that would be great!!

    11/11/11 aprox. 3:00am i had just finished recording a song and was getting ready to head home from the studio. My car was in the shop so i decided to ride a bike that night. I live in a relatively small town so trafffic was REALLY slow. I always took as many shortcuts as i could thru the side streets instead of talking longer main roads. After i turn onto the busiest street (Turnersberg Hwy) i ride it maybe a 1/8-1/2mi up and past the light; it changes from urban to rual areas. From that steet i make my last turn onto my road that turns into a dead end at the bottom of the hill. I stay on the sidewalk all the way until it stops. At this point im maybe 200-300yds away from my apartment complex. So i continue riding my bike on the left sholder of the road because in rual areas cars can come quite close; and i like to see the oncoming traffic so i can make adjustments instead of trusting that the cars will. Unfortunately Thats the last thing i remember. I was about 50-100yds from being able to see the top of my apartments. I was found about 10-20ft away from the sholder of the road. At aprox. 7:30am moaning and Hypothermic at nearly 78 degrees; and was then airlifted to Carolina Medical Center where my life was saved, met awesome and comforting physicians and learned alot about my new injury
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    i was a senior in HS and a bunch of friends and i were camping out on vacant property and i got drunk and ended up passing out where the cars were parked and another friend stole his parents ford f150 to come out there around 4am and after he got there he moved his truck and accidentally backed up onto my neck.

    needless to say that at 4am in the woods he couldnt see me and no one knew i was behind his truck until he pulled forward.


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