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Thread: first computer build

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinng321 View Post
    Since you do this for a living why don't you find me a pc from dell with all the things I have or comparable to what I have for under $450.
    Thank you in advance.
    P.s. If you do this for a living then you should've known better than to suggest someone to buy a pc from dell instead of building. You know damn well that you get more bang for the buck if you build.
    You win man. It is the most awesome machine with on-board graphics and a 500 GB hard drive on earth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foolish Old View Post
    You can get fish cheaper from the market than from tooling up to catch and investing the time. Gotta be another reason so many go fishing.
    All the fishermen I know would freely admit they spend much more on fishing than the fish are worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinng321 View Post get more bang for the buck if you build.
    Actually I did price out the last desktop I bought. It was cheaper to buy it from HP under holiday sale than to assemble it.

    Wasn't trying to start a war guy. Just don't understand why the folks that want to assemble so often feel the need to justify it with a specious money argument. Isn't it enough to just say you are looking forward to the experience?

    Staples has no outstanding deals at the moment but the $500 Lenovo in the weekly flyer benches faster than your A10. Best deal I've seen recently was on the clearance shelf at Sam's Club (all the display models end up there within about 6 months of introduction). A machine easily twice as fast as what you are building went for $700 and it included a excellent HP 27" display (worth $300 alone) plus a Blu Ray drive and a decent wireless keyboard. Original price was $1200.

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