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Thread: first computer build

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    first computer build

    Over the past 2 months I have ordered all the components to put together my first build. I wanted a budget pc around $400 that will outperform most PCs at retail shops. Here are the components. What do you guys think?

    Rosewill Challenger Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower Case = $39.99

    Raidmax Hybrid 2 Rx-530ss 530w PSU = $39.99

    ASRock FM2A85x Extreme6 AMD Mobo = $89.99

    AMD A10-5800K Trinity 3.8GHz Quad-Core APU = $123.99

    Patriot Viper 3 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 1600 (PC12800) = $59.99

    Lite-On 24x Sata DVD+/-RW dual layer driver = $16.99

    500GB SATA II Internal HDD = Home

    D-Link xTreme Wireless N PCI Adapter DWA-552 = $11.50
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    never worked with apu
    but it sounds good, let us know how it works out
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    The customer reviews on Newegg are solid! It will be interesting to see if you can play some demanding games without putting a hurt on this machine. PCper is a good site to visit when building a computer. Looks like you did your homework!

    1. Tower Case

    2. PSU

    3. APU

    4. MoBo

    5. Memory

    6. HDD
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    I did do a lot of research and read many reviews.
    The prices I listed are not msrp. They are discounted prices when they were on sale.
    This mobo is the best bang for buck. A lot of room for upgrade. It supports up to 64GB of ram. I'm not a gamer. I'll be hooking it up to my denon receiver for music.
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    It might be too late as you have ordered all components but as you're going to use it for music did you consider noise? Level of noise that is acceptable for an office is not for listening to music. Case and fans are importants, HDD too.
    16 GB RAM seems overkill for this kind of use.

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    @Big - this is not for an office. It's for home. What do you mean by noise? What noise? 16GB will be useful when I do video editing and autocad.
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    OK for the RAM.
    You mentioned music so that I wrongly assumed that this PC would be used for hi-fi and installed in the room where you would listen to music. For this use, it's important to choose a silent case and hdd, ideally ssd but that's may be out of budget. For video editing and autocad, the noise is not important, cpu and hdd speed is more important.

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    I like it, it’s a good start, with time you might consider adding more storage, put the OS on ssd, and update/upgrade the cooling.
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    Ssds are still expensive. I'll use my 500gb hdd as the primary and a 2tb with music as a secondary. I'll upgrade to water cooling in the near future. Although water cooling is not too expensive I don't want to put water cooling in from the start because it wouldn't be a budget pc. As time goes by I'll add on things like temp/fan control, hot swap hdd tray, high end sound card and may be a side window.
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    Nothing against building your own, but I never see the "savings". Add an OS and pay for a drive and you are well over $500. You have to compare apples to apples.

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