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Thread: Need Hosting Advices

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    Need Hosting Advices

    I have about 10 sites running on Bluehost for about 5 years, and am overall happy with them. They have a good script loading program called SimpleScripts. I do Dreamweaver developed sites and WordPress.

    Quote Originally Posted by Illerburn View Post
    I have made my first website by Dreamweaver and I need a good host, can u guys help me?
    I have found this articles by a Google search, do u think it is good?
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    I use, for 19 bucks a month (or 200 a year) you get your own server. I run 4 sites out it. It is a bare linux machine with apache/mysql/php but you can load whatever you want on it, so you could do dreamweaver and wordpress but you would need some unix experience (which with google is easy)

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    My vote goes to for managed servers. They're a little more costly, but top-notch.

    I've had good experience w/ as well, if you want self-managed options.

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    Dynonames if not bad for what you get
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    Have experience with both GreenGeeks and Bluehost myself and find them both to offer great reseller packages for a reasonable price that meet my needs in terms of regular ole Dreamweaver designed HTML sites and more dynamic Drupal and WordPress installations.
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