So I'm still having trouble with my voice. Sometimes it seems stronger, other times, clearly not. I'm blessed that my microphone still picks up my voice well, so I can operate my computer well, but conversations are considerably more difficult than they used to be.

My first ENT eval showed slightly inflamed vocal chords, which I took prednisone for. The follow-up ENT eval showed normal vocal chords, but inflammation in my airway/throat. My ENT also said my airway seemed dry and suggested increasing my sterile saline usage.

But for the throat inflammation, my doctor has me back on Prilosec to see if acid reflux is the cause. I tried Prilosec earlier but perhaps not for long enough, or with a strong enough dose. I have taken the standard (20mg) dose for 5 days now, and am going to take 20mg twice a day for two weeks starting today. Then I see my ENT for another eval, and hopefully acid reflux is the problem and my voice will be good by my next eval in two weeks.

I don't know how or if it's possible to change the i/e ratio on my vent, so we didn't try that. My ENT wrote a prescription for speech therapy due to hoarseness, which was rejected by my insurance. I need to find out whether it was rejected because hoarseness isn't a valid reason for speech therapy, or if speech therapy isn't covered for any reason.

I'm also going to inquire about getting evaluated at Shepherd Center in Atlanta if the Prilosec doesn't solve my voice problem. Shepherd is where I did my rehab over 15.5 years ago. I'm planning to attend my graduation in May in North Carolina, and we could stop by Shepherd on the way back to Florida.

That's the latest. I'm still open to ideas and suggestions.