Hi everyone, Please pray for Patrick who is 25.

Patrick was hit by a 18 wheeler truck last Saturday head on. He had his safety belt on but due to impact he was ejected from the auto zone van he was driving on hwy 32 near Halfway, Mo. He had 3 surgeries this week on arm, leg, and stomach wound but may need more if he survives. His brain was bruised and he has been in a coma since last Saturday and on life support. His family is having a special prayer service for him at Ridgecrest Baptist Church.

His family would apreciate prayers for him at this time. We are praying for a Miracle! On Monday they will take him off anesthesia and test his brain for brain waive status. Please say a prayer for him. His Mom Marian was at the hospital quite often when I had my Spinal cord injury in 2002.

Also with all of you out there with experience with this type of injury, any adice, or ideas would be great.

Thanks, Matt