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Thread: TiLite Chair 4 years old for sale

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    Smile TiLite Chair 4 years old for sale

    This Rigid Wheelchair was purchased new direct from dealer, 4 years ago for 4,000$
    It is made mostly of Titanium with Carbon Fiber backrest.
    It is adjustable in many areas and is still amazing quality.
    The chair is approx 27" wide, and very lightweight.
    It is Ti Lite's model ZR a
    More measurements and photos available upon request.

    Has great wheels and tires now with a J2 cushion.

    It has a custom footrest that is a little larger than normal for added support for ankles and toes.

    Thank YOu : )

    I will take 1500 obo

    I am in Santa Barbara California

    email me at:
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    This should have been posted in "Equipment and Services" forum.
    It would be nice to indicate the serial number so that interested people can check the specs on TiLite web site.
    Without more details, your price seems higher than the market, check on ebay.

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    well, I am having trouble locating that forum that you speak of, and do see them on ebay for way that case I would come down on the price dramatically to 600.
    Will get SN info soon

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