Hello there.
My name is Dan. It's nice to meet you all. I have very mild case of cerebral palsy that you could consider a brain injury. I can talk normally, I walked with canes, I have a scooter. In my search for cerebral palsy and or disabled resources you're either wheelchair ridden or have a spinal cord injury put nothing in between. For instance, I'm trying to look for a website which has pictures of housing technology for the disabled and different housing layouts for the disabled. There is also no active forum online that is used on a daily basis for people with cerebral palsy. You guys have any suggestions where I should go online to find these resources? It's funny how when you talk about disabilities you either are old or your bedridden or can't talk. I wonder if it's really true that when it comes to your own disability you don't have many options. Which I find crazy because the Internet is so big. You would think there would be one stop shop for any disability on the Internet. Oh, and I tried cerebral palsy United and it's so hard for them to get back to me apparently..
I hope there's someone on here that can help me out. Because this is the only active forum I could find. The key word being "active". Thanks for any help you can give.