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Thread: I re-pose this question to wise

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunasicc42 View Post
    No, this query hasn't been discussed to my knowledge, what exactly are you talking about?
    lunasicc42, I refer to your query:
    wise, I know and understand that you believe that trials should be backed regardless... I am just aware that "everyone loves a winner"... Could Possibly garner more financial support
    Like I said, this has been discussed at length in the correct forum. Here is just one example of a thread of Wise's from ChinaSCINet (#1426 on page 143), there are a number of others that discuss this thought and that Wise and others have responded to.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post
    Originally Posted by Lyerly
    I know that if I was raising money for something that has a good chance that will benefit me or even a proven or documented chance that it would be easier. It gives the donor something to see that there investment lead towards and would make them more comfortable and generous knowing the chances of improvement are high as opposed to just giving in general.

    You are of course correct that showing positive clinical trial results will encourage more donations. On the other hand, we are not talking about "giving in general". It is giving specifically for the purpose of supporting chronic spinal cord injury clinical trials. It should not depend on whether the trials are showing positive or negative results. Both are important. I know that I am being idealistic but think about the cancer field. There has yet to be a cure for glioblastoma or pancreatic cancer but people continue to give for clinical trials, knowing that it is the only path to a cure.

    Originally Posted by ay2012
    While people should support clinical trials in general, good results or bad, this is probably an idealistic viewpoint relative to how people react. Then, the question becomes, where will the majority of the funding come from moving forward? If from outside institutions, agencies, corporations (as I would assume) then, as some above have suggested, if telling us anything jeopardizes the chances of publishing, forget about us. If the risk is not too much, and a lot of the funding will end up coming from Justadollarplease then perhaps it's beneficial to keep the community engaged with updated information. Sorry, but I'm an economist by trade and we always look at incentives!

    Yes, positive results will help raise money. Success is the most powerful of incentives. Everybody loves winners. Once we have had our first success, funding for more clinical trials will be easier to get. Not only private donors but also many companies will flock to ChinaSCINet, SCINetUSA, SCINetIndia, and SCINetNorway to offer therapies and money.

    I am under constant pressure to show "positive" results not only to potential donors, supporters, and spectators but also to doctors, nurses, and subjects who are working their hearts out in these trials. In Kunming, for example, the nurses have given up their weekends to examine subjects in their homes, often after many hours of travel. The subjects are walking every day. They all need incentives.

    We must be careful not to raise expectations too high. We cannot count on being lucky and getting a homerun on the first pitch. There will be failures, disappointments, and errors. The trials may not go the way we hope. We must weather the disappointments and continue to play. We are here to win the game and not just the first inning.

    But back to the main point that I was trying to make. Why have you started this thread, shouldn't this discussion be happening in ChinaSCINet so that any discussions relating to this trial can be easily accessed by all?
    If you disagree, that's okay I'm not interested in making my point any further. I was just trying to improve things a bit for all.

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