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your broken heart will heal hon.
It would hurt your family.

your normal is going to have to change.

Envy is useless and self destructive, However may be self motivating too.

something can be done for your UTI.

Also for your pain.

Im having to adjust things again, because like you, I can no longer care for my needs since my physical situation is changing. Im more than happy to share what I have learned in my searches for ways to keep my life liveable with what I have.

what are you doing for pain?
what for uti?
and what are the things you can no longer do for yourself?
I'm seeing a Pain Management doctor and have tried all sorts of medications, even Ketamine infusions, nothing seems to even dull it. The pain is a big impedance for me.

This is my 4th UTI in 4 months. I'm on oral Levaquin but I don't know if it's working.. I'm still pretty spastic and nerve pain is still increased. I have been sick since August with one thing after the other.. UTIs, C. Diff, Cellulitis.. I am beat down.

I can't drive (yet), my transfers are still shaky using a sliding board, so haven't advanced to pop up transfers yet, so this affects everything in daily living.