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Thread: SCI Pilot stuff and flying fun etc....

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    Great videos! Thanks for the flight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by STOLhorse View Post
    Nice videos, Mark! How do you mount the gopro on the stabilator? With the suction cup or something you made? Have you ever lost one?

    I was a professional pilot until I got hurt racing dirt bikes in 2010. It took me a year and a half of appeals and tests and other BS to get my medical back but I finally got my 2nd class medical back and I am going to start flying again this month. I just bought a Blackwood hand control and I'm going to fly a cherokee at the local flight school to get my license back. I can't wait! I have not been in a plane in a year and a half and I miss it terribly!

    What is between your legs? What are you using in the cherokee - I didn't notice a hand control?

    Sorry for all of the questions.

    Cass, Nice looking Jungmann! I hadn't seen one with that engine installation.

    Good stuff!!


    David - BIG congrats on getting that medical back, what a performance they put us through...letters from all kinds of doctors etc.

    To those who do not fly - you do NOT have to get a medical, that is just for existing pilots who want to get their full status back. For new Para-pilots you would just get a "Sport" license. You just need to have a valid drivers license - no medical. You are limited to slightly less powerful planes and cannot fly at night, or take more than 1 passenger - but hey, its still flying!

    I use the suction cup only inside the plane (beause I dont trust it). The owners of the plane let me stick the little mounts on the airplane surfaces....I have lost one, but it is at the bottom of Lake Allatoona from a sit-ski mishap.....

    I can still use my legs to steer the rudder. It is not as good as before, but I passed my SODA test.

    As for the helicopter, Canuck - I was using my feet on the tail-rotor too....they do not have hand controls for helicopters. I need to do some more lessons in cross-winds to see if my legs are really up to it, but early indications seem positive....

    Finally, I took Sam flying this afternoon and got this shot.....was really nice to be out.

    Cass....did you used to fly those???? I have been looking in to progressing to fly a Pitts SC2. But first I am looking to get my tailwheel endorsement in a converted C150 taildragger...that will be the true test of my dodgy feet.

    Oh David, the contraption between my knees is a simple spreader bar that I made from plumbing parts at Home Depot. It keeps my knees clear of the controls, and indirectly keeps my feet in place on the pedals. I cannot actuate the foot-brakes so I use the hand brake to slow the plane......

    Thanks for the nice comments also..... If you don't mind I will post more in this thread as I get into more flying....
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    That's a framer ... very nice. Will you be piloting the new Virgin Galactic next?
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    markb701, i'm in the front seat, PIC in back. we were either heading out to do aerobatics or coming back. this was my ex's father's jungmann. i will try to find photo of the wittman tailwind my ex and i flew coast to coast twice, camping under the wing. my ambition was to have a christen eagle, but life got in the way.

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    cass your picture is very nice I like those old planes . My Dad and me flew in a red one like yours . It was lot's of fun
    You all uplifted me , I used to love flying my friends are twisting my arm to go fly helicopter with them , Because they know I love heights and fun stuff . I havent done it in yrs but I am getting good vibes that someday i'll be back flying .

    It is my ultimate dream to fly a cessna cross country with a friend .

    Thank you Cass / Mark for making me happy
    Sincerely ;

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    I found a couple of interesting articles about helicopter flying:

    Great point about light sport flying and the lack of medical requirement. There are at least two light sport planes with hand control systems but they don't look like they would be easy to get in to.

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    Thumbs up Hand controls for helicopter

    Hey all you wanna be Helicopter pilots checkout this website about the "heli-leg" The control looks great!!! never mind

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    My Dad and I are rebuilding a Ercoupe. No rudder peddles, so I won't need hand controls and it's sport pilot eligible so I won't need to pass a physical. Here's a picture of the contraption we've come up with so I can get in and out of the cockpit.

    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    I don't see the picture. Please try again (or maybe it's just me).

    I'd love to see how you get into an Ercoupe! What level of injury are you? I think the Ercoupe would be a lot of fun but I can't see how I'd ever get in one without a hoist. I'm T-4 and the even Cherokee will take some practice for me.

    When do you hope to get it done? Have you flown it before?


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    David - I don't know why you can't see the picture, it shows up on my computer. We mounted a seat on the front of a fork lift that I'm using right now. I'm T-7, so about the same. If you could see the picture, you would see that we're about a year away from completion, so it will be a while. I have not flown it yet, but pilots who have flown ercoupes swear that it's as easy as driving your car, so we'll see.

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