Flying is alot of fun and one of the best sports that everyone has to do sitting down. Of course, it is a little expensive too. But I hope you will not mind me posting some of the footage I have taken since getting my Private Pilot license back earlier this year.

And I know it is just a lame excuse for me to show-off just a wee bit... , but perhaps others flyers in here can post some of their experiences too???

Also, if you have any questions about the medical requirements, adaptive equipment and planes then post them here.

some pics:

That's me taking the infamous Kenny Herriot for a ride in a Piper Cherokee PA28-180

GoPro cameras are addictive too...

Even some helicopter flying....what a blast!!

There are some scholarships available for people interested in learning to fly, this one is with AbleFlight

Fortuantely, I was already a pilot through the RAF before my accident. But knowing what I know now about flying, I would definitely be looking to learn to fly if I could not already. It is SUCH an amazing sport for us disabled folks....