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    Quote Originally Posted by STOLhorse View Post
    Keep going with the helicopter training! But, don't forget the GoPro so the rest of us can go with you!

    David I took that second lesson, and it was honestly just about the best, most satsifying thing I have ever done - both since before and after my SCI.....

    Honestly, the feeling of excitement and achievement, and wonder....I was still flying that helicopter hours later. on my mind....that second hour was well worth taking since it enabled me to reap the rewards from all the hard work of that first hour.

    And I seem to be picking it up faster than the average guy, something I absolutely put down to my recent purchase of both a RC helicopter and the RealFlight 6.5 flight simulator. I have literally spent hours hovering model helicopters both RC and on my computer....and it just translates so directly.

    And the feet were better this time, since he did not work them as hard; I just used them as a normal part of flying, and they were just fine.

    Anyway, I did take my GoPro and I have put it together for anyone who wants to see.....

    And some photos:

    At this point I do not have any plans to continue helicopter lessons, unfortunately...
    As great a guy as Ron is, we were splitting the running costs of his helicopter, and it was still $ continuing in the Hughes is out of the question.

    There is a Robinson R22 in Atlanta; the total cost of 40 hours with them would be around $12,500 for my license. I am tempted, but that is alot of money....I am not that well off, but I could make other sacrifices....maybe.

    Besides, for the next 5 months I am busy with a research project at Shepherd Center (they are doing the research, I just get free locomat and pool sessions). So, definitely no spare time just yet.....

    But someday....I will try to get my helicopter cool would that be! Until then I will just keep watching my videos and sleeping with my RC helicopter on the pillow next to me (ok, so I dont do that, really).

    You know what? I hate that I have found my life's calling when it is too late at the age of 40 as a frustrating.
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