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Thread: Grand Canyon

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    Grand Canyon

    Has anyone been on the skywalk? I'd like to plan a family trip, but I'm not sure of the wheelchair accessibility.

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    I went to the skywalk in Dec 2010. It was plenty accessible, but crowded.

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    It's accessible. In my opinion, not worth the $$$ or the extra drive. Skywalk is on private reservation land, not the national park.

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    Skywalk is overrated in my opinion. You'll be charged for everything... here is my experience.

    Sedona, AZ is real close too.

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    Yeah, I was underwhelmed, especially considering what it cost. But I
    know some people who really enjoyed their experience, so I'm not
    going to try and discourage it.

    The Hoover Dam and its new bridge was awesome, though. I'd see that
    again before I visited the skywalk.

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