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Thread: Tire & Tube Questions

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    Question Tire & Tube Questions

    I'm looking to getting tires and solid inserts. I'm going to post both links because I think it's what I'm going to need. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
    Am I going to need these along with the first link??

    What I'm thinking is having to get one of each. Is that second link an insert?

    If these wouldn't work please link me somewhere else for inserts and Spinergy tires please.
    Thanks, Zach

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    The second link is a solid tire, if you want solid tires that itself would be suitable. Your first link is a pneumatic tire with a thicker protection against flats than most pneumatic tires. I do not know if it would be compatible with an airless insert, but due to the price even if it was I wouldn't make that combination. I'd choose the marathons if you want a pneumatic tire with great protection against flats, or the shox if you really need a solid tire.
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    Do you really want solid tires?
    I used ones for my first trip to Egypt as I thought they would be great for visiting temples, it was a big mistake: they were heavy, high rolling resistance, lack of comfort and one even got off rim.
    For second trip, I used Marathon Plus tires and it was much better and no puncture.

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    I think the vast majority use the schwalbe marathon tyres, good rolling resistance and good puncture protection.

    I keep a small co2 inflator and patches in my car just in case, or you could use slime in the tyres if you wanted to be overkill.
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    and they last forever, great tire......

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