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Thread: When you do not have the right appliance...

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    When you do not have the right appliance...

    you have to be creative! lol (Not my kitchen)

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    hehe reminds me of the episode of top chef masters where one of the chefs used the shower to cool down his pasta lmao.
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    Mmmm-give them credit for resourcefulness I suppose. Not in my kitchen either.

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    The pictures you posted reminded me of the movie, The Apartment, Best Picture Academy Award winner from 1960, starring Jack Lemon and Shirley McClaine.
    In a scene in the movie, Jack Lemon strains pasta with a tennis racket, guess some dorm dwellers have tried the same.

    All the best,

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    When I'm at the track and bring lunch I warm it up by placing it on the engine. I also see rear wings being used as table tops lol

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    On a recent episode of top chef they had to use only foil as their cookware for a quickfire. One guy made a soup, and the winner baked a freakin cake! One chef even made a strainer out of his foil.

    I've done some bizarre things. I miss my pizza bella pizza oven. I could bake the best cookies in there, toast bagels, make grilled cheeses. It really was multi purpose.
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    First really good laugh I've had all day, thanks 55 (58)

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    This is a hoot!

    I have, however, used my iron to cook grilled cheese sandwiches when I lived in a dorm at college.

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    Foil, scissors or be good at tearing, a pin, pen or other poker, tape hopefully and a toilet paper roll. Add pot and a lighter and...not me of course!
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    And I thought I was bad about making it up as I go along. I have no problem tweaking a method, even I have not gone this far - maybe a little creative with the reynolds wrap.--eak
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