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Thread: My Story And Injury Thoughts and Comments Appreciated . .

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    My Story And Injury Thoughts and Comments Appreciated . .

    Hello all i am new here , I am looking for people to chat with who understand my situation and also any thought or words of advice . Please excuse my grammar or spelling , i get going to fast sometimes .I am currently 6 foot 7 280 pounds ,Im a big guy and it doesnt help my injury .My Spinal Injury as it is now is Compression Fractures to my L-1 thru L-5 ,along with Spinal Stenosis . Along with this I suffer Numbness evrywhere at times but of course in my legs and arms ,I suffer terrible pain in my back but also down thru my leg . My injuries were diagnosed by MRI about 5 years ago and of course i was started thru the ringer of Pain Managment , Injections and I had 4 Median Branch Blocks Performed in my L-1 thru L-4 I have suffered Several Injuries to my back over the years and its hard to point to the single event that cause my issue . I was in a really bad Jet Ski Accident and grew up inter-tubing , Jet Sking and all things lake related and would hit the water at very high speeds . Years of that along with being a wild teenager always needing to fight and finally about 5 years ago i was dumping Cement at the Dump , I was stepping down off a raised truck and there was a ton of dust in the air and i took a tumble into about a 7 foot hole . I twisted my leg and heard several pops . I was taken to the ER and that where this all began for me .... I am Currently looking for work (something not lifting 50+ bending and on my feet 10+ hours a day )I am employed but i have been required to bring a DRs note to return because of in incident . My leg will often times almost lock on me and ill stumble , well it happened at work and i took a face dive hit my head had to go to the ER . All that along with my boss telling me everyone can see how much pain im in has led to all this . I have always driven a forklift and done warehouse work but it got to be to much im getting to the point where i am hunchbacked and in horrible pain to the point of vomiting . I do not have any family and very little to my name and to be honest i just dont know what to do . I am currently seeing a DR who ive been seeing for 2 years but he is now to the point where he walks in hands me my Scripts and tells me see you next month and then i pay my 100 dollars . I HATE IT I cant stand the motnhly cycle and i have tried to go without them but to work im pretty much locked in . To be honest im lost and i dont know what to do i have a great roomate who is also my friend , he is very understanding but i still cant just not pay my bills . Please any thoughts or words of advice would be appreciated ..Thank you so much for reading and BE Well ..

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    I do not have insurance , I have not been with my current job long enough yet .. I thought i should mention that ..It makes everything so much harder ...Also i am 30 years old and i have been on every Opiate know to man ..
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    They sent me to a pain management clinic ..i dont have a GP anymore

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    Have you tried getting on SSi or social security ? that will at least pay your bills and give you medical care also you can work and still receive your benefits I am a strong believer in God and prayer can I pray for you ? I can put you on my prayer list it would be my pleasure to do so Just let me know I know how difficult it is to live with pain I am on Gabbapintin ? 2,000 mgs a day morphine 30mgs .2x a day it seems to keep most of the pain at bay but as u know the pain never really goes a way but prayer seems to help me deal with it better also our local feed and livestock store sells this liniment designed for horses but works great as a topical pain reliever it really penitrates the area and lasts for several hours its like 12 dollars for a bottle of it and well worth every cent please let me know how your doing as I will be glad to hear from you

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    @Puremcdowell, what is the name of the liniment that you get that helps your pain?

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    i'm sorry to hear about this. i'm a c1 c2 spinal cord injury incompleat and quad wheelchairbound. Post 13 years.
    I think you should check on getting ssi and medicade that comes along with it. this will help pay the bills and pay your doctor fees. i've been on every narcodic since the age of three. and other meds. i wish you the best in this and if you need help feel free to email me!
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    HevanSent16, I have removed your e-mail address from your post. It is unwise to include this in a public forum. It sets you up for internet spammers and scammers or even stalkers. Anyone on this forum can send you a private message (PM) or even a private e-mail (if you turn that feature on in your profile) without having access to your private e-mail address.


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