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Thread: Stimulite® Slimline™ XS Cushion...any experience on Icon?

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    Stimulite® Slimline™ XS Cushion...any experience on Icon?

    Quick question for any & all other w/c users...fixing to get an Icon w/c and still on the fence re: which cushion to use. Currently use a Jay Xtreme but growing tired with it. Looking at a Slimline XS for the Icon...does anyone have any experience with this cushion and/or cushion & w/c combo??? Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance, and have a great day.


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    Regarding "... Currently use a Jay Xtreme ... Looking at a Slimline XS ..." - if you do transition from a fluid/gel type cushion to a honeycomb type cushion, be sure to get the honeycomb's XS option as you have indicated.

    Folks accustomed to the squishy softness of fluid/gel type cushions (like your familiarity with the Jay Xtreme) are sometimes quite surprised by the substantially more firm honeycomb cushions when their cushion-type transition involves one of the thinner honeycomb cushions without the XS option.

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    They're too shallow for me on the Icon due to the solid seat. The Classic is about the minimum size I can use without pressure issues. It all depends on your needs though. Sure, it may work well for you, but I think it may be a trial and error thing for you to know for sure.

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    I went from a jay2 deep contour to a stimulite slim xs and love it. It's much lighter and thinner than the jay2 deep contour and the protection is great. No skin issue after more than 6 months of use. The customer service is excellent. My cushion started to shread when I took it out of the washer. Some one on here suggested that I email their customer service manager, Brad. I sent Brad an email at 8ish on Dec. 31th and he replied back by 12ish that same day. Brad told me that since they are not working on new year day he will put in a replacement order on the 2nd. I received my replacement cushion last week. This kind of service is beyond my expectation.
    The jay2 deep contour was great in protecting but it's very heavy and I hate the fact that the gel keeps moving. After awhile it looks like a crater in the cushion.
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