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Thread: Just booked cruise on Royal Caribbean

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    Just booked cruise on Royal Caribbean

    Hooray! We are going on a cruise on Royal Caribbean next summer and we just booked our room. We actually booked a non-accessible stateroom because we actually don't need those options (e.g. lowered counters, accessible bathroom, etc) if I bed bath him, and we had nicer (translate: bigger) cabins available if we got a non-accessible cabin. We worked with a travel agent who talked to the cruise line though, to make SURE that the door to the stateroom is wide enough for his chair (which is 27" at its widest point).

    The three of us are going and potentially a number of other family members are going along as well. Anybody cruised with RCL and did you like it? We went on a short Disney cruise 6 years ago and had a great time despite really cold weather (Feb, it was uncharacteristically crappy when we went), but this time will be 7 nights and during the summer when the weather will be nicer.

    Any advice? Any other RCLers out there want to share stories, and esp re: shore excursions? We have no idea what will be accessible for shore stuff, I think we'll have to figure that out on the fly.
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    I really urge you to try to get an accessible cabin. There will be a step up into the bathroom of about 6". You will not be able to access the sink, shower, or toilet. The doorway may admit the chair, but the chances you can move around in the cabin in the chair are pretty much nil...including getting the chair close enough to the bed to easily transfer. RCCL accessible cabins are very may not be happy in a non-accessible one.

    Where are you going?


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    I agre with KLD. We took the RC down to Mexico and back. We got an accessible room and it was great. Almost twice the size of a reg. room and on the outside row of the ship. Was wonderful sitting on the patio of our room and watching the ocean roll by.

    We were debating about an access. room or not, man after seeing one of the regular ones it, it was well worth the extra to get an outside row room where it was really easy for a chair to manuver. I use a manual chair and trhere was no way I could have used a reg. room because of the size and configuration.

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    Can't help you as far as the configuration of RCCL's accessible cabins, but every regular cabin I've stayed in on an RCCL ship(every cruise I've been on has been on RCCL except for three) has had a step up into the very, very small bathroom and unless you move the coffee table into a corner(which is hard because the cabin is so small to begin with) you might not be able to get to the bed.

    If you stay in the regular cabin I'm pretty sure you're going to have to leave the two twin beds as such(you can get them configured into one bed if you ask) because I highly doubt you will have enough room on either side for a wheelchair; and even with the beds left as such you might have a hard time getting a chair in between the two beds.

    I'd really try for an accessible cabin if I were you.

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    You need a handicap room. I cruise every year and the bathrooms will not be big enough in a reg. room. There is no upcharge for a handicap. Unless you can get out of your chair to walk, a regular room will not work. feel free to email if you have any questions.

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    I've taken 3 Royal Carribean cruises and always used the acc room. I tried the reg room my kids had and I couldn't get thru and my chair is 25" plus there was a 1" lip which I could cross but often leads to smashed knuckles with tight fits. The cruises were wonderful, plenty of help from crew when needed for constructing a frame to raise my toilet chair. Help onto and off the tenders and up steep gangways. Food was great and plentiful. Ship, food and crew seemed much better than than on the Celebrity cruise I tried. Good luck and have fun.

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    Zilla, we've been on, umm, 18 cruises in the last decade. We often go with friends and I cannot get into their cabins with a standard size manual chair. Doors into the bathrooms are smaller and you will hurt your back on many lines because many beds are very low so dressing or bathing will do you in. Even with accessible cabins on some lines there are problems getting to the desk for putting on make up or to read and Carnival's newer Spirit class ship put the entended balconies on the HP cabins. Unfortunatly the ramp out is about 6 inches deep and a foot high.. Try and swap for a junior suite that is accessible. If you insist on a non-access room call them back and get the doorway and room dimensions including any balcony in writing and with the responsible party's name, position and all ways of contacting them.

    Which ship are you going on? We normally prefer Celebrity but have also done one trip on Norwegian, 2 Carnival's to Bermuda from Baltimore and 2 HAL to Alaska and the Med because Celebrity has a new policy that non-walkers do not get tendered and 1 on Azamara the rest, 12 on Celebrity. We're looking at RCCL too for our next one. Although we avoid summers and spring break times to avoid all the kids. BTW, as soon as you check out your room onboard go see the M'aitre D and make sure they move you toward the entrance of the main diningroom. Otherwise it is a disaster trying to get to the rear areas once people start filing in.

    Where are you going as far as ports and how much time at each? Any tenders?
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    OK, based on the overwhelming advice, we just switched to an accessible suite. THANK YOU for the advice. We are going 7 nights on the Freedom of the Seas to the Western Caribbean. One port is tendered and we are just planning to not get off there as they have warned us that is not accessible.

    Sue - we'll be one of those people with kids
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    Probably find out everything you need to know in the accessible cruise forum at
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    Thanks goldnus!!
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