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Thread: Work Environment: Collapsible Containers?

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    Yurts are definitely the kind of thing I would cringe over if I saw after purchasing an insulated container. If they can be insulated and wired for electricity, this may be new my best option--thank you!

    ...unless you know of something even cooler?
    Yurts can be built as intricately as needed, inside. They're erected on a platform that can be wired for electricity, set up for plumbing, walled off with multiple rooms and lofts, etc. Some people live in them full-time or off the grid.

    Stuff that's cooler? Hmm. Yurts aren't crazy expensive & they have a certain appeal to them, but if you have a decent budget, a prefab building could fit the bill. Look at the smaller models by FabCab: (they have universal design in their DNA)

    Or dig around blogs like and for other ideas.

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    Just throwing out the idea since retro is kind of cool but would a Quonset Hut work?

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    currently a Kickstarter project, but worth keeping an eye on:

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