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Thread: SCI Awareness Bracelets from Sciwalker Int'l

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    SCI Awareness Bracelets from Sciwalker Int'l

    Please refer to for details on the awareness bracelets.

    For some reason a couple other threads regarding the bracelets have either been locked and/or filled with nonsense. I'm just starting a new one so you all have accurate information. I'm addressing common questions here. For the previous discussion & drama, please check out the "bracelets, what bracelets?" thread.

    1) The bright blue awareness bracelets say "CURE SCI" and "FIGHT with COURAGE" on them. These are not two separate bracelets for you to choose from. Each phrase is 180-degrees apart on each.

    2) The bracelets currently only come in one size. We are looking into ordering a batch of smaller sizes as well, but this requires a new mold and a little more effort/funds than you may think. Right now it's not entirely practical for the volume we're having produced, but we appreciate the support of those who are helping spread awareness, and we're not intentionally trying to leave anyone out with small wrists. Stay tuned.

    3) Orders can be placed at Any questions can be directed to

    Thanks to the MANY supporters who have helped raise tons of awareness thus far.

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    Being that we have worked increadibly hard for these bracelets to be spread throughout the world, i only felt it was only right that our thread be continued...

    Scott, what can i say...

    I am once again thanking EVERYONE for your support and guidance...


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    For those of you who inadvertently received more than what you ordered recently... we goofed. Don't worry about it. Keep the extras & spread 'em around... ultimately, awareness is the point of the bracelets anyway.

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    I don't know what to do.. Did you recieve the check i wrote to you for the profits gained by the cure sci bracelets seveal weeks ago? It is very important that you get this money and we know as a community that is has safely found its way to you..

    Godspeed for a cure~

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    Susan, scott -

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    The webpage comes up, but theres nothing on the bracelets. Whats going on with the site?

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    same as Ryan

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    For some reason the database for the content management system isn't running. I've got a support ticket in to the hosting company. This should be resolved soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    so are these bracelts stretchy like?? or hard rubber?????????

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    they are "stretchy like"...


    Happy Valentines Day!

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