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Thread: SCI Awareness Bracelets from Sciwalker Int'l

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    LOL, you're new at this, huh? The road to hell starts with seeking consensus on CareCure, or at least that's always been my experience. I'm v. surprised there aren't more ppl arguing about this! Live Strong, the original bracelet, was such a great motto. It would have been pointless without Lance Armstrong publicizing, though. He made the link to testicular cancer (another long word on a bracelet!)

    I like the stick guys. Been done to death but easily recognizable.

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    stick guy works for me!

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    Thanks! So that's 3 votes for stick people. That wasn't so hard.

    Any bright ideas for mottoes now?

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    dont' let this idea die...

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    d, the final plans are being discussed here-

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