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Thread: Cure Paralysis Now-Rally!

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    The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act includes research for quality of life programmes and rehabilitation.

    This makes the establishment of a separate sci trial network more imperative. We want an organisation specifically looking at cure research and not one where a lot of resources could go the way of noncure research.

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    Thanks Ben, tha't's great, keep at it, encourage your friends, write the letter for them, give them a addressed-stamped envelope.

    like all of us the easy things get done first, our job is make it easy.

    rock on....

    "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given you."
    Gandolf the Gray

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    Originally posted by Benjamin:

    Please be assured I will continue to closely watch this legislation and will work to improve treatment for paralysis.


    Ben Chandler
    Member of Congress
    HI Benjamin,

    Thanks to you and Ben Chandler! He is so nice...


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    Thanks Leo & Suzanne

    No responses from senators Bunning & McConnell

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    This topic has not been touched in a few days.

    Okay, my friend and I have been working on an outline of our talk with the senators. Then I got a copy of the talking points. We are in the process of combining the two. Has any one else spent alot of time on their presentation, or are you waiting until you get to DC to get the packet. I don't want to sound rehersed, but I don't want to sound like an idiot either. I might just be freaking out, but I don't feel very well prepared even though I am educated in all of the talking points. What exactly will be in the packets?


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    I think you're over-analyzing. Get your favorite picture of yourself and your kid, make color copies (3), one for each legislator. Put your name, address, phone number, maybe a thank you on each one. Put one in each folder. Look over HOW to talk to your legislators and Hook, Line and Sinker, the lobbying tips by Don Blanding.

    Then go in there and be yourself. You aren't required to be an expert, just be sincere in your requests.

    You're going to knock 'em dead.

    Get up/Stand up...Stand up for your rights-Bob Marley

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    Ok, this may sound frivolous, but will the cherry blossoms still be on the trees in D.C. next week?

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    Theo, Peak is predicted for Friday..unless the coming rains beat the heck out of them...never can tell...looking kind of gray out there now.


    Don't let the past keep a chokehold on your future.

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