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Thread: External drive torment

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    External drive torment

    Is there way to recover things that were deleted?

    Putting aside ruminations about what I ever might've done to deserve the level of technological torture I seem to invite, I will ask if there is something I don't know about how effectively to use an external drive. I no longer remember the details on what happened in 2011 or so when I got a Passport drive and their backup software destroyed things. That eventually just stopped working and unless Mom has any luck finding someone to read it, whatever was on there is gone.

    So my new one is a very common brand I forget, and instead of risking the backup software again, I tried doing just a copy and paste. My last effective copy (I presume, though I don't tell if it's complete) is from November. My last effort bombed. Did I hit 'cut' mistakenly? The whole directory disappeared from c. And when I found it on the external drive, I noticed at least one folder missing and can only imagine what else I might've lost. Then when I tried to copy it back, it was an incredibly more partial copy that reappeared on C .

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or what's going on? Recovery strategies? Needless to say, I'm finding very distressing my inability to properly secure, and now even maintain, my electronic life. Yes, that was an understatement. I'm desperate.

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    there is no need to copy and paste. just drag the files onto the external drive.
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    There's a great free program out there called synk back. You can set up where you want files from and where you want them to go to, whether you just want to sync them with another drive or just back it up. I've been using it for years with external drives that I've put together from old hard drives. Check it out here:
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    there is also some recovery progs out there that will look for files that when a HD is damaged or formated by mistake, i haven't had to use one in years, i'll look and see if i can find one i used........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Random View Post
    I hit 'cut' mistakenly?
    One of our Microsoft users used to do this. Not only do they make it easy to do by accident, but they don't have a solution if you do. Its called user friendly.

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