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Thread: getting snow off car

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick View Post
    I bought one of these 9 years ago, and it works perfect for me... if high accumulation is predicted I raise my wipers up all the way off the wind shield, use remote starter and wipe off the hood and excess...
    I also have one of snow brush ever. My previous vehicle was a Honda CRV and I could reach the roof to knock off most the snow. This is my first winter with my Dodge Grand Caravan...looks like I'll get to try it out tomorrow with the 12" of snow we just got.

    For days when it's just ice on the windows I use spray de-icer made by Heet. Spray down windshield, start car & run defrost on high. Also works well on sliding door if its iced shut!

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    Have a lightweight shovel inside as well as in your car ... I find shoveling snow to be the beast before I clear off the car ... like I have to make my way and all around the vehicle.

    Telescoping snow brush a must.

    Other than that, I get in and wait it out with defrost. I allow 10-15 mins for this before work.

    When I'm at work, one of my co-workers does it. Sometimes they own up to it, sometimes they don't ... but my car is on security cam! LOL
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    Remote start is my best freind , start/warmup car from in house ..then brushing easy.

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