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Thread: What do you drive?

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    My daily driver

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    wow, some nice cars here. Looks like a lot of us are into sports cars. I have a CTS-V Wagon I got around a month ago, really like it. Can put a lot of stuff in the back, Tennis Chair, Handcycle, whatever and still have a 556 hp supercharged sports car. It handles amazing and the black diamond paint sparkles in the Florida sun. Very easy transfer in and out, the seat raises way up for getting in and out and then I hit the memory seat into the down position for pulling my chair and legs into the car.
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    Godzilla. Wow!!!

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    Nice cars guys! Hey T8...what's your take on the timing chain rattle thing in the turbo Mini? Reading about that kinda scares me off buying one, but is that just overblown or ???

    Well, since this is looking like the horsepower thread...might as well put mine up. 300hp 5.3L V8 in this one...yeah, the pic is like 6 years old...when it was new

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    2002 Volkswagen Eurovan GL

    2002 Volkswagen Eurovan GL, 3600 miles.
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    I love eurovans, almost bought a Westphalia diesel last year, my sister lives by you in wellington.
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    I drive a 1967 mustang in summer time for daily driving totaly rebuilt transfers are easy plenty of room lots of hp in winter a jeep wrangler 2010 with a stowaway lift to get in jeep has 6'' lift for hunting & fishing needed to get to camp on back I made custom basket to hold my action trackchair I mounted a lift on left rear corner to bring trackchair or any chair to me it realy works nice both are a ton fo fun

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    I'd love to see pics of both, especially the lift on the Jeep.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wills77 View Post
    04 pontiac gto. Around 400hp and my last time at the drag strip, I ran 12.6 @109mph
    What brand of hand control it that?

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    Those are Menox hand controls. I have them in all 3 Of my cars.

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