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Thread: What do you drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mthomson View Post
    Nice beemer!!! I gad an E30 convertible a couple of years ago, but the E30s didn't have tilt wheel and that goofy German steering wheel angle was hell on my right shoulder. I've been lusting after E46 330ci's lately though.
    I had a 03 325i that I traded for the 335i and I wasn't able to tilt the steering wheel down because of the handcontrols. My 335i has different handcontrols in it and I'm able to let the wheel down and extend it towards me. The new car is a lot more comfortable to drive.
    I love the 335i's power!!!
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    Alabama USA, Male-- C5/6 Complete 1978
    I'm on my third Van.(C5/C6)

    1st was a 1979 Chevy - transferred to chair
    2nt was a 1991 Ford - drive from power chair
    3rd is a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan - drive from power chair
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    Quote Originally Posted by mthomson View Post
    I use a GMC Safari with a mini van-gater and 6 way power seat for my primary transportation. I also have a 91 Miata that I enjoy immensely, however it is not getting any easier to get in/out of due to its very low seat height.

    I started this thread to see if any other c6/7 quads had suggestions for 'fun' cars that are quad transfer friendly.

    Cool Miata, you must autocross a bit?

    I'm curious about the stick shift with hand'd you rig that up?

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    2012 Vauxhall astra 1.6 SRI, its supposed to have 115bhp standard but you loose a lot of that through the auto box. It handled really well in the corners but no straight line guts. I visited a local tuning company who chipped the engine which transformed it, should be around 130-135bhp at the flywheel now. Loads more mid-range poke, a bit more on the top and much more responsive. They also did the gearbox software so gear changes are faster and, what I didn't realize is there are torque limits set for the first 3 gears, so you don't actually get full throttle at lower speeds.. they were turned off! So its now a fun car to drive, but still not fast. Looking for something fast in a couple of years.

    Also have a 2002 Yamaha R1 for trackdays and 2000 Triumph TT600 which I'm adapting for the road
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    Quote Originally Posted by cripwalk View Post
    Cool Miata, you must autocross a bit?

    I'm curious about the stick shift with hand'd you rig that up?
    Actually it is an automatic. I found a guy who made that shift knob to replace the factory automatic shift handle. Then used a manual transmission shift boot and removed the automatic console. The end result turns out looking very much like a 5 speed. I do autocross quite a bit during the summer and love it.

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    2008 dodge caravan but im looking to buy a hybrid to use some of the time....

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    2011 Honda Crv, with home made hand controlls
    c6/7 incomplete 6/30/07

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    We drive full sized Ford vans w 6 way pwr seats. My wife and I are both paras, she post polio, me sci. We use manual chairs daily but have pwr chairs for lawn work, trails, snow, etc. One of us is 70, one close - the vans save shoulders, whether we are transferring in or out we do gravity transfers, always transferring down using the pwr seats. We also don't have an AB in the family and our closest extended family is 60 miles away so there is no one to do chores for us. If I have to make 5 stops in the community there is no way I am going to transfer to a car, remove wheels, stow wheels, stow frame, etc., then repeat process at each destination. At my age that's a sure formula for rotator cuff damage. We jokingly call having an AB in the immediate family having a PST (Paraplegic Support Team), I would probably own a fun car if we had an AB around to help. Another nice thing about a full sized van is my wife wants a ZX-1 and we plan to keep it in the back of our primary van. You need a full sized van to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mthomson View Post
    More info on the Mini's seat please. Factory or adaptive equipment?
    Nice avatar dude
    The seat is standard. I put monarch (or had them put in) for about 1000 bucks, 800 for the controls and 200 for the install. Don't let the "mini" in the name fool you, there is a ton of room inside for you to move your chair in front of you to the passenger sear (I have another sports car where this is difficult). I have a cooper "s" which is just fun as hell to drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mthomson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    Nice avatar dude

    Duke Nukem?

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