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Thread: What do you drive?

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    I loved my wife’s Jetta Sportswagon DTI it made transfers really easy with the adjustable seat height but she got a bad tank of diesel and it took out the emission system while she was on a trip. They quoted her 5K to fix it so she traded it off for a Subaru and continued on her way. She was knocking down 48 mpg with it

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    I have a 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser with Kings front and rear along with other goodies for off roading in the desert. I recently bought a 2012 Scion TC for a daily driver and love it! 2 big long doors, seat not too low, hatcback a bonus and drives like a gokart in comparison to my FJ. I checked out the cooper but I'm a tad to tall and seats didn't offer me any support. I'm T4 and like the bolstered seat in the Tc, can drive for hours in comfort. Came with 2.5 years free maintenance, 3year/36k mile bumper to bumper that I will push out to 7year/100k when the time comes. It's a fairly powerful 4 cylinder and gets decent MPG. I really enjoy the car and find it awesome to get in and out of with a rigid frame chair...
    And it has 2 sunroofs

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    Quote Originally Posted by BSP1136 View Post
    Was driving a 645ci for awhile. Always wanted an m3 but just found they were too tight to transfer into, then maneuver chair into back seat. You have any problems with that?
    Now have a Mercedes 550cl...big body 2 door. Enough room for transfers and then some...not to mention it has some serious hp!!
    The M has plenty of room to tranfer but a big gap between wheel chair and drivers seat, when I take it out solo I put the wheels in the back seat and the cushion and chair in the passengers seat. Everything fits in the trunk if I have a rider.
    Found a company online that makes a fixed car transfer seat that I would like to get some day for the gap.... Guido Simplex SEG-T01 or SEG-01 from Italy. Maybe some has one and could chime in on how it works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katja View Post
    Nice getting everything in there! Do you stand to transfer? How high is the driver's seat? How hard is it to fold/remove the rear seats?
    Katja, I am a complete T7 so I do not have the ability to stand and transfer. I just put my right leg in and do a depression to transfer to the seat. I've transferred into Chevy Tahoes and Suburbans with ease as well. The back seat folds down quit easily. I'm tall so I just reach to the top of the seat and unlatch it and pull it forward to fold it down. Putting the seat back up is tough because of gravity, but I've found the right technique to fold the seat back up easily.

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