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Thread: new sci

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    I have primary progressive multiple sclerosis with lesions in my cervical and thoracic cord affecting all four extremities.

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    oh i see..

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    Hi kld, happy new year to you. I have check out and there is only 3 sci rehab hospital in tiny Singapore. One is a private hospital but treatment is way too expensive and the other 2 is general hospital and the one I was admitted in was the better out if the 2.

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    Hello cutieboy86 from Singapore. Happy New Year to you. Glad you found the web site. Lots of good advice here. Writing to you from the US, state of Michigan. Been 4 years since my accident. Motorcycle. T11 to L1 which makes me a paraplegic. Keep your spirits up and, stay busy. Best wishes.
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    Hi happy new year to you too yup read up on many things. Still trying to adapt with this paralysis

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    hope everyone doing ok

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