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Thread: new sci

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    We rarely get prosthetics for people with SCI with leg amputations as it is very difficult to manage skin issues, and because in the USA most insurances will not cover cosmetic prostheses that are not functional.

    A customized seating (cushion) system is what you need. Does not wound like you got very good rehab if you were never seated at 90 degrees the whole time you were there. Any chance of going back to a better rehab center as an inpatient to work on this?? 6 months is a very long time to have to be in a halo. The usual is 3 months at the most. I assume you did not have any surgery on your spine for stabilization???


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    oh i see then i guess is better not to get a prosthetics.. any idea what kind of cushion system is good to get a rough idea? i have not been able to get up to more than 20 degrees because my blood pressure always drop and get dizzy... i only know i went through 3 op, 2 surgery for the spine and 1 for amputation...

    my spine were fracture in 4 areas but the worst injury was at the c2-c3

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    still feeling very useless and angry that i have to meet with an accident and ended up paralyzed neck down and unable to do a single thing.. even breathing i have to depend on a machine i had a great future ahead when i just graduated but all taken away now

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    A custom molded cushion such as a Ride Cushion would be best for your needs. I assume you have a power chair with power tilt and recline already?? How much midodrine are you taking? Well hydrated before trying to sit up???

    I would strongly encourage you to try to get re-admitted to a good SCI rehab center for a more aggressive seating program and to deal with your severe orthostatic hypotension. You will have to tolerate being dizzy...go more by symptoms that your blood pressure readings. A normal resting blood pressure for someone like you is around 80-90 systolic.


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    ooo i have to go custom mold one cushion for my power chair in order for me to sit in next time once i am able to get into the chair... yes i have a power chair that uses sip and puff system with power tilt and recline... i taking 15mg midodrine and my caregiver always keep me well hydrated as singapore weather is hot and humid.

    ok i try to check out if there is any other good SCI rehab center as the one i am in is considered one of the best in singapore... not alot of hospital or specialised SCI rehab center here unlike US i will try hard in rehab again especially with sitting up... demoralised

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    happy new year everyone!! 2013 is upon us so make sure to start it off on the right foot (or wheel)

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    Thanks cutieboy86, and happy new year to you, too! Hope 2013 will usher in positive experiences for you with rehab and all facets of your care and equipment.

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    thanks bonnet... how are you celebrating? i stuck at home on the bed

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    I'm staying home, watching the celebrations on TV. We don't really make much of holidays at our house, but I do enjoy giving and receiving good thoughts for the new year!

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    oh enjoy your new year btw what is your level of injury?

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