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lol - I have taken hundreds of bottles of Motrin over the years for PMS, pain, headaches, etc.

No improvements here.
There is no possible way, post-hoc, to gauge if ibuprofen had anything to do with your improvements or not. It should be studied in a clinical trial.

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I'm kind of caught in the middle here because there are some of us 20yrs+ who have experienced a sort of 'spontaneous regeneration' as Dr Young calls it ... I know I experienced it myself before the Ampyra came along (and greatly improved things). Dr Young claimed he had a friend that this happened to as well after decades.

My left abdomen below the navel came back in a patch after I work up from some unrelated surgery. Eight years later that area expanded by an inch or so, down and across.

I'm the anomaly with Transverse Myelitis though as I don't know enough about how these research options will or will not help me.