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    Crabby - a few questions you need to ask yourself:

    - Why have the numerous human examples (both legitimate trials as well as pseudo experimental) of intraspinal transplants of various types of stem cells (containing MSCs and/or BMSCs) shown little or no benefit in the chronic setting?

    - Why has Dr Wise Young continued to postulate that he would like to consider adding Chondroitinase and/or Nogo to the UCBC+Lithium combination? For fun? Or is it that he believes (or believed) that the glial scar would still be a hurdle to overcome?

    - Why are the likes of Os Stewart/Zhigang He (working with PTEN/mTor) looking to collaborate with Dr Silver in order to regenerate these "proliferating" CST axons through the glial scar in a chronic setting? Why approach such an average scientist? Why don't they just skip the collaboration and stick some UCBCs into the rodents and witness that bridge in action? Actually, why bother creating a viral vector to knock out PTEN/SOCS3 when they can just grab some lithium off the shelf to activate mTOR? Maybe they are poor scientists too?

    The fact is (whether it matters to you or not), to a scientist, there is an element of speculation. Dont get me wrong, I'm looking forward to seeing the data. If it works, then great for us but don't blame scientists for doing what scientists do - be objective. If you do, we as advocates will have less of them working in our field, and less of them being so patient with us as layman.
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