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Penetrating wounds of the spinal cord are relatively rare. For example, we did not see any case of a penetrating or transecting wound of the spinal cord in 41 ASIA A patients that we transplanted cells into so far, 28 of which are chronic and 13 were subacute.
Subacute? Which trial is this? I was under the impression that of the patients in both the Hong Kong and Kunming trials were chronics....I went back and saw you mention these subacute patients a few times and also checked clinicaltrials.gov which seems to have a separate trial for acutes and subacutes (NCT01471613)... Is it right to assume then that you were talking about the improved locomotor, sensory, motor scores in terms of chronic patients? If not, are the subacutes getting the intradural decompression? I'm sorry if you've clarified before but suddenly I'm very confused....and I think it would just be nice to know if your personal observations from before were from chronics or subacutes. Thanks!