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Thread: compression stockings and foot wound

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    compression stockings and foot wound


    i have a pressure sore on the back of my heel, have had for a few months. The wound care nurse visits my home and keeps telling me to wear compression stockings. But wont this just put MORE pressure on the wound?

    Instead I have been trying to stay in bed with leg elevated as much as possible, and keeping it up over a padded stool while in kitchen etc.

    Should I use the stocking, maybe with the heel cut out? Also stockings seem to leave marks at the top near my knee so I dont want to kake another wound

    Any ideas?
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    I suspect your wound care nurse is more used to venous and arterial foot/leg wounds than she is pressure ulcers in people with SCI. I would avoid the compression hose. Cutting out the heel can actually make things worse by allowing you to swell more in just that area, and putting them on and off will still cause friction on the area most likely. If you must have leg compression, try Ace wraps and leave that specific area uncovered, but I think if you can manage with just leg elevation, that would be best.

    What are you wearing on your feet right now when out of bed?


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    kld would your advice be the same for a closed hematoma with possible cellulitis on the heel? i went to a wound clinic today and the nurse practitioner said if i wanted to wear my hose to cut a hole in it. and she prescribed doxycycline.

    hi miss s sorry you're experiencing health woes too.
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    Hi KLD

    Thanks for your advice, I had a feeling the compression socks might cause more trouble.

    At the moment I have this gel bootie for protection. The sore is on the back of my heel so nt touching footplate when Im sitting. In bed I elevate legs but with my feet hanging over the end so there's no pressure on the back of my feet.

    What I'm thinking is I need a way to suspend it so nothing can touch my heel. I'm thinking of something like a custom made heel cup, but so the plastic is not actually touching the sore....rather a few inches away. Then nothing could bump it, which seems to be the biggest obstacle with healing at the moment. I would pad the inside surface so my foot is touching sofft.

    Leschinsky There always seems to be something, doesn't there! Hope your wound also heals soon.
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    p.s nt sure how to attach a pic to a post, ut if it helps I can add pic of wound location and also example of the heel cup orthotic Im talking about
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    I was given the same advice for a heel sore that wouldn't heal, that is to try compression stockings. It was a several month-long problem but the compression stockings healed it in no time.

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    thanks Van Quad
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    If your compression stockings don't fit right or have too much pressure they can actually cause pressure ulcers. If you have swelling in your ankles/feet and you have a wound you are treating, yes an ACE wrap can help reduce it and promote wound healing.

    Another product that is good is CIRC-AIDS if you have a lot of swelling in your legs, ankles or feet. You control the compression by adjusting the straps that have velcro.


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    Hi PBR thanks for the info. I've never heard of ACE or Circaids before.

    Wont the sock part of circ aid put pressure on the wound?

    My legs and feet dont look overly swollen, however my foot seems to heal better if i keep it elevated/ Of course that's not possible 24/7 so thinking of compression when up and about.

    Thanks for the advice
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    Sorry to bother you again, but in the circaids do you mean the juxta cures-for treating venous ulcers

    OR the lower leg model
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