My nerve pain and spasticity increased in late July and even though I have increased my neurontin from 1800 mg a day to 2400 mg a day it is not helping and my nerve pain seems to be getting worse. Usually when this happens all of a sudden that means something is wrong with me because my pain and spasms haven't increased in years. Since July I checked myself for UTIs, had a bladder and renal ultrasound for stones, I have no open wounds or sensitive areas, and I've contacted my spinal doctor who wants to get an MRI to check for some spinal condition. I get chills every once in a while that I used to not have. I don't know if anything is wrong with me or if my neurontin is needing to be increased. I tried Lyrica once and it worked great but my spasms got awful when I gradually decreased my neurontin to get off. Can they be taken together? What does everyone else do. I need help, advice,'s getting bad!