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Thread: Any one have experience with Nortiptyline

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    Any one have experience with Nortiptyline

    I had good success with Elavil (amitriptyline) for years but now am starting Nortriptyline for chronic neuropathic pain. I am hoping it works similarly with less sedation in the morning. What dose worked for you: I am starting on a low dose of 10mg at night.
    Thanks for anyone's input.

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    Any one using Clonidine for chronic neuropathic pain

    This blocks the sympathetic response to pain and has been used successfully in some programs. I was prescribed this too and wondered if any has used it and if it was helpful as well as side effects.

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    Hi Arndog
    years ago I used amitriptyline I did not have bad side effects

    In rehab I forget the reason why the nurse stopped my daily dose .. It's been a very long time since then but I do remember the name of that medication amitryptyline

    I will ask my Dr he may know why but it did help me back then

    Good luck / happy holidays

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