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another quick question..How difficult is it to get in and out of the bike? Is there any device to help transfer in and out of the bike? Thanks again I'm new to a lot of this and need to get some exercise . I have put on a few pounds and had a blood clot last year from inactivity
Hey Jimmy. I'm T4 20 years post and had some newer injuries that caused me to get a bit out of shape but am back on a new bike. One cheap way to assist getting on and off a bike is using a shower stool. I bought mine new on Ebay for under $25. Glued a piece of foam over the seat to protect my butt. This makes it easier as it turns it into a two stage transfer. I don't use mine for my bike but rather my go-kart. I read your injury list which was good to mention as it immediately made me think of something important you want to consider... Don't buy a bike that will cause you to lunge either climbing a hill or just trying to wind the throttle back. You need a bike that allows your torso to remain stationary at all times. I have similar injuries to you and have had a couple bikes that I lunged on, this resulted in a lot of pain and discomfort to my back, neck and ribs. A friend who is a top athlete pointed it out so I switched to a Top End Force. I now have a Force RX as I have lower back issues and needed to be even more recumbent. It's all about getting a good workout but NOT agitating prior injuries. I am wanting to sell my Force, has brand new wheels and tires and is in excellent condition. If interested, let me know and we can speak further. If not, best of luck with getting fit and enjoy your cycling