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Thread: Help with casters

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    Help with casters

    I need to order new casters for my manual wheelchair and was wondering if someone can tell me what the difference is between a soft roll caster and a firm roll. I am currently using a set of 5" firm roll ones and have never used the soft roll. This may sound like a silly question, but I don't want to have to order them and return them if they are not what I want.

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    I like the soft rolls much better, they make no noise on floors and give a gentler ride w/o feeling like more rolling resistance. Just make sure you order the right casters size and width so that they will fit w/o changing spacers, axle bolt, etc.

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    if you push outside take soft rolls, if you use your chair only indoor you can use firm ones.
    Depending on your chair, you can also choose width of your casters: 1" or 1"4

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    I love my soft roll FrogLegs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin83 View Post
    I love my soft roll FrogLegs
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    Thanks for the advice. I am going to order the soft roll casters and try them out.

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    I've been wondering whats the big difference between composite hubs or aluminum hubs on the soft rolls? Since the aluminum doubles the price. I've been wanting to upgrade to soft rolls for the last year and haven't. I wanted aluminum hubs but at this point I'm thinking I'll go for composite since I'll be able to afford them sooner.
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    I love soft roll tires. I would never go back. I couldn't believe the difference when I first tried them. Much more comfortable ride, much smoother. They ate up the bumps and vibrations and it didn't seem harder to push and they seem to last just as long. Only tires I'll get from now on. Mine are 1x4". When I tried the Icon I had a chance to use the 1x1.4 and I thought those were nice too. By the way, Froglegs has some incredibly light aluminum casters. You can hardly feel the weight of them in your hand and they look terrific.

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    Yeah, no way I'd go back to hard ones, the "bump" reduction is sooooo nice. I have the FL 4x1.4's, since I want from 1" hard ones, I did notice a little more resistance when you do a "quick turn" movement, due to more surface area contact. But I don't notice it anymore, but still notice less bumpity bump, it's all good.
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