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Thread: Resistant to most Antibiotics

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    Resistant to most Antibiotics

    What do you do when you become resistant to most anti biotics used to treat UTIs?

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    What do you do when you become resistant to most anti biotics used to treat UTIs?
    D-Mannose and's worked well for me

    I'm allergic and or resistant to all oral except for Keflex, if it''s not on the menu than is IV.

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    I bought a bottle of Vetericyn after reading the thread on here. But I'm still not quite sure I understand how to inject it. I have d mannose but can't use it right now due to being on Warfarin for a blood clot.

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    Are you consistently drinking 64 ounces of plain water/day?

    All the antibiotics in the world won't work if you don't drink your water.

    I get UTIs that I can't shake when I don't drink water like I am supposed to.

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    My urologist told me to aim to drink 3 liters of plain water each day and to cut out caffeine (including chocolate). I'm allergic to cipro, sulfa and zosin (including penicillins) so we only treat when I can't stand the symptoms. I tried the Vetericyn and shortly after starting it I would up with a UTI drug resistant to everything except IV or injection meds.

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    You don't become resistant to antibiotics, but bacteria that are colonized in your body (urine, lungs, wounds, gut, etc.) may be. This is one of the major reasons that only true UTIs and NOT colonization should be treated, and that you should not take antibiotics for viral infections such as a cold or the flu.

    Rarely is a strain of bacteria resistant to absolutely every antibiotic, but it may require the use of the stronger (and higher level of side effect) types of antibiotics...often IV.

    Consultation with an infectious disease specialist is highly recommended if you develop a highly resistant strain of bacteria. These are called MDROs (multiply drug resistant organisms) which include such bacteria as MRSA, VRE, acinetobacter, etc.


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