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Thread: MRSA questions

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    MRSA questions

    I know I am a carrier of MRSA, found out from a nose swab when I was at the wound clinic a few years ago. My questions :
    Does that make me more likely to get a MRSA infection?

    Will I always be a carrier or can the body get rid of it?

    What type of precautions do I need to take with other people? I tell PCAs just so they can be extra clean. Have hand sanitizer everywhere in my house. What about other people (family, friends, coworkers)?


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    It is likely that you will always be positive the future. While some physicians will treat for a positive nares culture, in about 90% of the cases, the person is again positive within 3 months.

    MRSA can live for short times (while still moist) on inanimate objects like sinks and toilet seats. Wipe off these surfaces daily in your home with a bleach or alcohol impregnated wipe. We clean bed side rails and overbed tables daily like this in the hospital for all our patients.

    In your home, the best defense is for you and your caregivers to be meticulous in hand hygiene. Washing hands or cleaning with alcohol based (at least 60% alcohol) hand sanitizers after touching you and/or your used equipment or supplies can go a long way toward avoiding transmission. Gloves should be also used for contact with (or possible contact with) saliva, sweat, stool or urine. Caregivers should avoid touching their face until they have cleaned their hands as above.

    Here is some good information from the CDC:


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